Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is the day of induction…baby will be born whether she likes it or not…wouldn’t it be funny if I had a little boy instead…lol…but I cannot wait to meet my childe. I want to know what his/her name is. I want to know who the baby takes after, what sort of personality manifests, what are the likes and dislikes…in short, I want to get to know EVERYTHING. Robert is so excited. He keeps doing cute things like writing GET OUT on my belly and randomly talking to the belly. He brought me an adorable teddy bear last night as a Mother’s Day gift. He really wants baby to be healthy and me to be healthy as well. I don’t know how he’ll handle labour, being that I’ll be in a lot of noticeable pain, but I hope he can keep me grounded like he always does. I decided to give him the last name thing. At this point, I’ve no desire to have my baby related to the branch of my family from whence my own last name derives, being as how many of them act childish and immature…but I digress. Some day, Robert and I will make our union legal in the eyes of the State of Arkansas (or wherever we happen to live at the time) and true in the eyes of the pagan gods that we desire to believe in. Right now though, we are already joined in a sacred and pure love that has lasted through many a trial by fire. I love him and he loves me and we love this baby with all our hearts and souls…life will not be easy, but it will be a fun roller coaster ride. Captain And Tennille–Love, Love will keep us together. Think of me babe whenever some sweet talking guy comes along singing his song. Don’t mess around, you got to be strong. Just Stop, ’cause I really love you. Stop, I’ll be thinking of you. Look in my heart and let love keep us together.

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