Portraits of Passion

Robert and I went yesterday and had portraits made of the two of us and my pregnant belly. I ordered a package with several poses which I will mail to various family and friends as soon as they come in. I wanted at least on photograph of us as one big happy family, so that later on when the childe asks me, “Mommy, was I a mistake? Did you and Daddy ever love each other?” I can tell her, “No, my darling, you were not a mistake! Your father and I very much loved each other. Look at these pictures…see how happy we once were!” I know…naiveté and a whole lot of that river in Egypt…but we were in love once…weren’t we?

Pam Tillis–Well, I said he had a lot of potential. He was only misunderstood. You know he didn’t really mean to treat me so bad. He wanted to be good, and I swore one day I would tame him, even though he loved to run hog wild. Just call me Cleopatra everybody, ’cause I’m the Queen of Denial! I knew he didn’t have any money. Yeah! That’s why he couldn’t buy me a ring. Oh! and just because he bought himself a brand new pickup truck really didn’t prove anything, and he never had to say he loved me. I could see it every time he smiled. Just call me Cleopatra everybody, ’cause I’m the Queen of Denial.

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