Life…Not just a cereal…More than a game…It’s reality baby!

So my car is getting totaled out, I owe a great deal of money to a great deal of people, and my future employment is uncertain. It is awfully hard to find a job when you must tell them that a) you do not have reliable transportation and b) you are going to have a baby soon and c) you cannot work weekdays during the day because you go to school. I do not know what to do, but I know that the job I have right now will get the bills taken care of until the end of January. Assuming that my grant and loans come in on time, I should be okay for February, and possibly the rest of the semester for just the rent. Work-study jobs are available, but would only allow me fifteen hours a week at minimum wage. That would average out to about three-hundred-some-odd dollars a month, barely enough to pay my bills, not counting debts/food/rent. I really hope that Academy keeps me on, but it is not likely considering my lack of transportation. My future is uncertain, but what am I to do?

Oblivion Dust–My memory kills. I need to put my pieces back, and try to live a life that I once knew. I’ll find a way. I’ll find a way. I’m bored and tired. Give me some life, I sure need it to make me happy. I’m dreaming of a future womb, a place of warmth that I can fit inside to hibernate in.

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One thought on “Life…Not just a cereal…More than a game…It’s reality baby!

  1. My phone is working just fine…? As for all that you said, you think I don’t know about the need for stability, but I do know…I grew up in a very unstable environment. As far as going to school, I am not due until May, and so far no complications; I am going to try and give it a shot because if I let my childe be an excuse not to complete my education, I’ll never finish. I think your mother misunderstood some of the things that we talked about. Robert is not out randomly having sex with dozens of women, and even should he have chosen to do that, he would have taken precautionary measure to prevent problems. He and I have been through hell in four years, but you know what? He’s not an abusive bastard, he doesn’t treat me like shit, he is just a young man who needs some direction in life. As for me, I can be strong, it is not pride, but determination, that keeps me struggling on here. I have a support network here too, and I can survive. If I keep running back to my mommy every time I get in a tight situation, I’ll never learn, and what kind of message am I sending to my childe? If at first you don’t succeed, give up and forget about your dreams?

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