Remember the fire from a few weeks ago? Or did I tell y’all about that? Driving down the interstate going seventy miles an hour and the car bursts into flames? Well, after getting it out of the shop, I drove it for a couple weeks, and lo and behold yesterday it decides to go right when the road goes left and I ended up bouncing off of a guard rail and around the road and nearly ended up in the river. I know it could have been much worse, and at least we are alive. The baby is fine, but I have whiplash and headaches and bruises and I am not particularly happy with the whole situation…But enough about my petty problems. I will not write more tonight, for I need to sleep and try to find a comfortable position in which to do so.

The Blood Brothers–Those tire tracks zigzag your torso like a Devil’s self portrait. The car accident, the skin graft treatment, the flower baskets, the wincing relatives; you bid her farewell, then got in your car, and that’s the last thing that you can recall, and when they pulled you out you didn’t know your name. Exploding semi truck blurred your face with flame; you met Jane four years ago today.

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