To My Way Of Thinking…Or Was It Sinking…?

I am working forty-plus hours a week at a back-breaking manual labour job, and then getting off work and driving to school. I get three hours of sleep some days, and I am physically ill of it, but were I not to have chosen this, there would be nothing more than that job. I could never hope for something more. I have piled the weight of the world on my shoulders, but without this, there lacks the freedom to think. I would not be able to think for myself. My whole world would revolve around working from one day to the next, and I would not have friends or lovers with any small capacity for intellectual thought. My income bracket would always be low, earning far less than my IQ denotes, and when my body gave up, my mind would have long since withered. I would become someone I could not be proud of, lame and mentally-decayed. Watashi-Wa–He called us a while ago somehow I forgot to let you know Where could my mind be And yesterday I stayed up till dawn forgot I had school and I was wrong Where could my mind be? Forgot something again forgot what mom just said What’s my deal? Captain Forget cant seem to find all our money and it seems that I just lost the key Where could my mind be?

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