Mobility And Martyrdom

I HAVE A CAR!!! I bought a Saturn yesterday, just so that I could have transportation to and from school and work. Cutting down on my commute time enhances the time spent on sleeping and studying, as well as my ability to sometimes work overtime. I also set up for internet at my house, which I am using right now! I have been in Fort Smith two months and some change, and I am much more situated than I have been before. I was having a little trouble in the financial department due to some disagreements with Financial Aid at school, but now all of my money is coming in next week, and thanks to some really awesome and I love them bunches relatives I had a little bit of money to keep me going through the temporary slump, and I now have everything I need to make it through the Semester, and the rest of the year. My uncle Russell is putting me through a financial planning course (Dave Ramsey) which he reveres and says that it will really help me. I know that I really could use the advice at this point and time. I am an adult, though, and am learning how to survive. I will blog more often now that I have internet at home, but not when I should be studying. Speaking of which, I must go now, so that I can finish my reading assignment for one of my courses. Seventeen class hours and forty-plus work hours will be taxing, but I know that I can, and will survive. I am no martyr, just a woman wading through the white waters of life. Big And Rich–Somewhere there’s a stolen halo. I used watch her wear it well. Everything would shine wherever she would go, but looking at her now you’d never tell. Someone ran away with her innocence, a memory she can’t get out of her head. I can only imagine what she’s feeling when she’s praying kneeling at the edge of her bed, and she says, “Take me away, and take me farther. Surround me now, and hold, hold, hold me like Holy water, Holy water!”

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