I just found out a couple of hours ago that I am going to Oklahoma today. Yes, that’s right, having procrastinated in my getting ready, I am now faced with the panic of having to withdraw money from the ATM, close the bank account, pack the belongings, figure out what to do with what I cannot take, clean my apartment, say my goodbyes, shit, shower, shave, turn in my keys, and do it all in twelve hours. Doesn’t seem like I’m gonna make it, does it? But I have to try. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’ve wasted the last two hours talking on the phone and blogging, now does it? I just need help, but that’s not happening…Instead I am forced to face the music, so to speak, and deal with my own problems. Oh, well, I knew it was coming. I guess I’d better cut this one short tonight so I can get started on my packing. I just wanted to let my imaginary readers know that I am going to be on the dark side of the moon for a while, so no radio contact, Houston! Roger Miller — I was the words and you were the music. We were a song, sung out of tune. There is a light that brightens the night-time. Ah! But there’s a dark side of the moon.

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