Six Thirty AM

You know, the world seems so much nicer at six-thirty in the morning in a t-shirt and underwear…I got hungry at five-thirty and could not go back to sleep without satiating my appetite. Thus, I found myself heating up some leftover fried chicken and potato wedges, which I supplemented with ketchup and srichacha sauce (a very spicy sauce with the consistency of ketchup) and eating it while watching old “Saved By The Bell” episodes. Laughter and good food…Stuff I need if I am to get through these troubled times. I went to the ER yesterday, and even though the bleeding has gotten worse, their tests showed that I am still pregnant. I am still worried, but there is something about twilight that makes everything seem okay. It’s strange, really, since it is considered the hours of uncertainty; this time between day and night when the sky cannot make up it’s mind. Even still, I have always felt a great peace during this time. Perhaps it is because the sun is not yet fully awake, but there is enough light to not need electricity. Perhaps it is because the scary darkness is at bay, but the bright and harmful sun hasn’t yet arrived. At any rate, I feel at twilight as if there are possibilities for this all to work out. The Killers–At least I’ll try and run, and run tonight. Everything will be alright.

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