In the middle of the night…

I am SO happy. I finally got my internet to work. It’s only been not working since I moved into this money trap, but it finally works and hopefully will for the duration of my stay here…Internet is my life-line to knowledge and an outside world. I can get on here and blog, or chat with friends and family, or research topics of interest, or check my emails, or any number of other random and fun things to do. I missed my sweet internet…But anyways, it is the middle of the night, and even though I work nights I am still exhausted. I think I sleep-walked to my computer. I love this internet access, though. I do not have to actually put clothing on and leave the comfort of my own home and walk three flights down and across the parking lot to the twenty-four hour lab where I am either all alone or joined by crazy people…Magic Affair–In the middle of the night a vision brings me light. Time is on my side all the way. In the middle of the night a vision’s shining bright. Should I go or should I stay? Show me the right way.

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