If you were to find yourself alone, no one about who would know anything of what you had been doing, what would you do? What would you do if you knew that not a soul could see your actions, not a tongue could later speak a word about it? What things do you already do when no one is looking? Who are you when you are completely alone? And is this person the same one who meets and greets your friends out on the street? The same one who goes to your job every day and does what is expected of you? The same one in public that you are in private? What if you knew that people were watching you? What if you knew that cameras were trained on you at all times, hidden in the walls of your home and work? What if you knew that every where you went, every thing that you did, was monitored and recorded with one-hundred percent efficiency and accuracy? Who would you be then, if you knew you were in the public eye? Would you then be the same person you had always been, the same person you were when no one was watching you? Are we not all players as Shakespeare said, destined to recite our lines and follow our cues? Are we not lost in this? Do we not, each and every one of us, keep to our roles with abject clarity, never wavering, never faltering, never ceasing? But when the curtain closes, do we not take off our stage makeup, remove our costumes, our wigs, our masks, and stand naked before a full length mirror, picking ourselves apart? And is it not true that in the morrow we may find ourselves in an entirely different play, but we would still know all the lines by heart? Is that not how the world works, one serious game after another, children in grown bodies playing dress up with the garments of their mummies and daddies? And will we not switch roles without a moment’s hesitation if and when the need arises? Is that not who we are, after all, just a bunch of marionettes on the cruel but skillful hands of the fates, doomed and destined to live out our lives one smooth tug of the strings at a time? Will we ever be anything more? Fallout Boy–Am I more than you bargained for yet? I’ve been dyin’ to tell you anything you want to hear cause that’s just who I am this week.

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