Because I have gotten plenty of recent comments regarding my writing skills, and because I achieved a level of absolute boredom yesterday, I dusted off an old and forgotten manuscript and began to transcribe the document onto my computer, as the original disk for it has long-since disappeared. About halfway through the first sentence, though,… Continue reading Writing


The past two nights of work I had very little sleep prior to work and found myself wide awake way before my alarm clock’s annoying screeches and so took the opportunity to actually pretend to care about my appearance. I decided to do the girl thing and wear makeup. Anyone who has ever met me… Continue reading Makeup

Love Is

There are people who think I should not talk about my personal life on this blog. These individuals feel that I should use a private journal that no one can read in order to express my thoughts and feelings, and that I should not share these intimate details of my life with the world. The… Continue reading Love Is