Work And Wealth

“I work 40 hours a week to be this damn poor!”

My boyfriend has a sign hanging in his room that reads, “I work forty hours a week to be this damn poor!” Last week I worked 65.55 hours. That’s about par for the course. No wonder I am exhausted all the time, but my hard work does pay off.

I bought myself a television, DVD player, computer, and side table. All of these things were new from Wal-Mart; gotta love that employee discount! But I don’t always spend this much money in a week. This was a one time thing; call it an early Christmas to myself.

On Thursday, I get my paycheck. I will pay for rent, electric, cell phone, student loan, an old hospital bill, and groceries. There will be three paychecks in December, which is great, but I won’t let myself spend any more than I have to, because now that I have those big ticket items I need to pay off my debts and try to save up for a car.

I want to go back to college, but it is too expensive at present; perhaps in August. I liked the atmosphere at my community college in Oklahoma. I know there are a few community colleges with four year degrees; maybe I could go to one of those. I want to be a teacher, perhaps eventually own my own school. I also want to find out where my home is and buy it. LOL.

But my original plan back when I was a kid was to be married with children, own a home and car, be successful in the music industry and be running a school by the time I was twenty-five. Of course, I never told anyone this, because people found ways to shoot down my dreams, but that was what I wanted. It is November twenty-ninth, two-thousand-five.

On June tenth, two-thousand-six I will turn twenty-one. Basically, I have four and a half years to pay off my debts, finish college, buy a house and car, and start a family. Not a realistic goal anymore, I suppose, but I know I could pay off the debts in four years, and possible buy the car if not the house. I would like to think that the boyfriend and I will be married by then, but I am not going to force the issue, because if that is not what he wants then it is not what I want, for I only have his happiness in mind, and I shall treasure the time we have, however long it may be.

Blah! All that sentimentality mushy BS isn’t necessary right now. But at least on the money front I am doing all right, so long as I work hard and scrimp and save from now on. At the suggestion of my uncle, I went online and looked at The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness and The Total Money Makeover Workbook by Dave Ramsey but I just couldn’t justify spending money to learn how to manage money…anywhoo…I think I have things under control (famous last words I suppose) and at least I still have the love of a man; isn’t love enough? 
Whitney Houston–Didn’t we almost have it all? When love was all we had worth giving, the ride with you was worth the fall, my friend. Loving you makes life worth living. Didn’t we almost have it all? The nights we held on ’til the morning; you know you’ll never love that way again. Didn’t we almost have it all?

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