Romance and Republicans

“Kinda makes a little sense, man.”

Who would have thought that I could learn something from a middle-aged conservative Republican?

I rode the bus the other day, and the driver was listening to some radio show where the radio host and a college student were ranting about college professors telling them what to think. Apparently a liberal left-wing college professor disagreed with the right-wing conservative ideas the student had.

As I was getting off the bus, I told the driver I did not like the conversation on the radio and he said it was his prerogative to listen to it. I said I understood that, and I agreed that no teacher should tell a student what to think, but that the show’s host and the student kept calling the professor’s points lies, when he had shed light upon things that actually happened.

The driver and I spent the next ten to fifteen minutes discussing politics. He said that he did not come to America in his youth and work very hard so that his children could be brainwashed at college on his dime. He said that America is one of the best countries to live in, that people who come from other countries work very hard to survive here and end up having nice houses and cars, that it wasn’t welfare that got them there, but hard work and dedication and a different perspective on things.  I told him perhaps Americans are too spoiled to know how good they’ve got it.

Before he drove off, he told me to change my perspective and I’ll be fine, and I guess he’s right. It is not just for money that I need to change it, though. I am too pessimistic and cynical for my own good sometimes. I was programmed that way, I suppose. I guess I just need a little reprogramming; reboot in safe mode. LOL.

But I seriously need to rethink a lot of things in my life, like where my relationship is going, for instance. I mean, love is great and all, but trust and honesty and sincerity and tenderness and affection and intimacy and security and money all come into play. I have priorities I suppose, but perhaps I need to rethink my goals in life.

I had planned to be married with children, own a home and car, and be well on my way to success in the arts and be running a charter school by the time I was twenty five. In six months I will turn twenty one, so I haven’t got much time to put those plans into action, now do I? Should I reset my goals, or just find new ways of achieving them? What is the proper path?

Sister Hazel–If you want to be somebody else, if you’re tired of losing battles with yourself, if you want to be somebody else, change your mind!

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