Future And Feelings

It should be obvious, by now, that I suck at Paint.

I never wanted to work, you know? I mean, I guess no one ever really wants to work, but I REALLY never wanted to work. I always pictured myself finishing school, maybe going to college just to say I had, then settling down and raising a family. I would be the housewife who kept the place clean, drove the kids around, and had dinner on the table each night.

Growing up I hated working; I guess I’m lazy like that, but being a housewife is not a lazy thing to be. I had a taste of it when I lived with my fiance for so long. But he doesn’t want a housewife. He wants someone who will work hard at her own job and pay for half of the bills. Okay. Fine. Whatever. But that’s not who I want to be. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the man with all my hearts and souls, I just don’t want to have to have a job.

I think keeping our humble abode clean, doing the laundry, cooking his meals, raising our children should all be enough for him. I guess that part of me that is never satisfied keeps popping up again, like I got him back and now I’m thinking about all the reasons I left him or he left me or however it went, like I have the calm and now I want the chaos back, but there was always great sex after the chaos. That’s one part I always loved, and the fact that he was always so sweet to me..Sweet candy, but will it rot my teeth? 
Marcy Playground–I smell sex and candy, yeah!

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